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Is your top loading washing machine stretching your t-shirts?

Posted by Horace Long on

I recently ran across this on Reddit:

Top-loading machine machines used to destroy my t-shirts, until I started using lingerie bags to wash them. For those who don't know, a lingerie bag is a mesh bag with a zip, usually used to wash ladies' delicates. You can buy them from any supermarket/grocery store for around $5. Put your stretchables inside before washing and you won't have a stretched t-shirt ever again!


Of course you can and should always use cold water to wash, hang drying is the best for less shrinkage and color fading, second best is low heat drying.  The worst is high heat drying this will shrink even your pre-shrunk cotton tees as well as fade the color.

Now I'm pretty lazy and dry everything on high heat and have found that some tees will shrink vertically and others horizontally.  I've always given them a little tug in which ever way is feeling too snug.  I've been doing this for ages and it does works. It's probably not the best practice but what the heck!


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