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Cotton Napkin Set - Buddha Head

The Bearded Heart

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Buddha Head - Cotton Napkin set of four.

Four (4) 100% mercerised cotton napkins 20x20 inches


Generally, the Buddha head statues are depicted with a protruding head, which symbolizes the disconnection between the mind and body. Such state is also known as Bodhisattva. Similarly, Buddha heads are also known to have another protuberance, on the top of the Buddha's head, known as the Ushnisha, which is a three-dimensional oval at the top. The ushnisha represents the attainment of the Buddha's enlightenment and his reliance in the spiritual guide, though the original function of the ushnisha may have been to represent a crown on the Buddha's head.

The facial structure of the Buddha heads usually have half-closed eyes which show a state of meditation: looking inward into the self as well as outward. The faint smile on the statue also depicts the serene nature and nobility of the Buddha after attaining enlightenment. A dot between the eyes, or the urna, is also another peculiar feature of the Buddha heads. This round tuft of hair between the eyebrows symbolize the supernatural vision of the Buddha Though elongated earlobes in the Buddha heads represent the Buddha's hearing power which is believed that he hears what is needed in the world, the exact reason behind is elongated earlobes may be due the vestiges of his life as a prince, when he wore extravagant and heavy jewelry and earrings on his ears.


100 % Mercerised cotton 

Mercerisation is a treatment for cellulosic material, typically cotton threads, that strengthens them and gives them a lustrous appearance.

20" X 20" in measurement, hand screen printed with water-based ink for a soft feel.

Be eco-conscience as well as super classy at your next dinner party! Cloth napkins that are as soft as a baby's butt! Reusable, and will last for years to come. Just throw them in with your normal laundry, give them a quick fold and they will be ready for your next meal. Save some trees and impress your guest!

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