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Cotton Napkin Set - Eyes of the Buddha

The Bearded Heart

  • $ 2600

Eyes of the Buddha Cotton Napkin set of four.

Four (4) 100% mercerised cotton napkins 20x20 inches


On virtually every Buddha statues, Buddha heads and Buddha stupa (Buddhist shrines) from countries like India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, China and others, there are pairs of eyes casting down as if in a meditation state, and enriched with a spiritual aura. This style has been a model for various generations of artists while depicting them in various Buddha heads and Buddha images. In Buddhism, there are two kinds of eyes, first the inner eyes or eyes of wisdom, which sees the world of Dhamma, which is also known as the Third eye of the Buddha, while the other is called the outer eyes which is also called as material eyes which sees the outer world. Therefore, it may be seen and understood easily that the eyes in the Buddha statues and Buddha heads are also of two kinds. The material eyes are the two eyes which see the outer world while the inner eyes, or the one which sees the Dhamma is the one in the middle of the two material eyes. This inner eye is also known as the urna.


Mercerised cotton 

Mercerisation is a treatment for cellulosic material, typically cotton threads, that strengthens them and gives them a lustrous appearance.

20" X 20" in measurement, hand screen printed with water-based ink for a soft feel.

Be eco-conscience as well as super classy at your next dinner party! Cloth napkins that are as soft as a baby's butt! Reusable, and will last for years to come. Just throw them in with your normal laundry, give them a quick fold and they will be ready for your next meal. Save some trees and impress your guest!

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